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  • The Flashnotes.com platform will allow you to gain free, instant access to notes from each session. 
  • We will have a highly-trained note-taker at each and every session throughout the conference. Creating high-quality notes for every session in the conference. 
  • The detailed notes from each of the 50 sessions will be made available immediately following each session throughout the conference. Find the full list of sessions for which there are notes available here.

1. Complete the registration page on the right

2. To view all of the notes from the following sessions click on the tab that says AHEAD 101 that looks like this:

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  • You can always get back to the conference notes home page by clicking the AHEAD tab at the top of any page
  • Need some help? We're here for you at anytime! We'll get back to you as quickly as we possibly can email us at help@flashnotes.com

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 Flashnotes.com is thrilled to be a part of 2014 AHEAD Conference in Sacramento, California. 
It's our goal to provide you with in-depth notes straight from the conference to ensure you get the most out of this year's conference.

Flashnotes.com has a platform that enables higher-education disability programs to easily get class notes to students with a registered disability. With Flashnotes.com, disability offices can offset program costs, increase note-taker retention throughout the semester and provide students with 24/7 access to critical, required course materials.

Flashnotes.com is the only platform that can provide these services free of cost to disability programs throughout the country. Why is that? Well we are growing our presence on your campus anyway. Our core mission is to provide students with the two things they need most—more money and better grades. Note-takers on Flashnotes.com have the ability earn significant supplemental income through the sale of their study material on Flashnotes.com. 

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